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HAFA (Home Affordable Foreclosure Alternatives Program) is a federal government program designed for homeowners who can no longer afford their mortgage payments and wish to avoid the negative impacts of foreclosure when home retention is not an option. The Benefits of a HAFA Short Sale: ? No Deficiency Judgments ? No Cash Contributions at Closing ? No Promissory Notes ? $3,000 to Seller for Relocation Assistance ? Additional Incentives for 2nd Mortgages, up to $6,000 more at closing Eligibility Requirements for a HAFA Short Sale: ? Home must be or have been the primary residence in the last 12 months ? Seller must have a hardship ? First lien mortgage cannot be a government loan ? Mortgage originated on or before 1/1/09 ? Mortgage is delinquent or default is foreseeable ? Current unpaid principle balance is $729,750 or less

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